The Game Speaks on Rap Beef


The Game gives his two-cents on 50 Cent and his plethora of rap feuds.

3 thoughts on “The Game Speaks on Rap Beef

  1. I like what he had to say about gangstas…….but I wonder if will take his on advice

  2. rap sucks every time i hear it. with the same beats flow, and style. old school needs to come back. i mean lil wayne is trash with young money. what i am trying to say is that be happy with your success period.

  3. yo i agree with my man william dice. how you make it out the hood and now that these rappers dont bang no more and have a better life want and try to be gangsta. lil wayne is trash, drake is good, but not bringing hiphop up at all. everyone raps the same and acts the same. And the funny part is that lots of rappers music sell, but they have no lyrics whats so ever. 50cent used to a great rapper with the game. Now its all about the beats shit.

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