The Game Explains Why He Beat Up His Cousin


If you haven’t heard the story by now, The Game roughed up one of his cousins at a funeral he was attending for another cousin. Now I know some people are mad at Game but how many of us haven’t had to scrap with one of our cousins? I know I had to smack one of my cousins around at a family wedding last year, dude was ass drunk. Even if it was at a funeral and couzo needs to get roughed up than so be it. Besides in my family, whenever someone dies, we all end up drinking anyway, so a fight is bound to break out.

Also It don’t matter Game didn’t pay for the funeral, if his own cousins are going to make it an issue while everyones’ mourning than that’s on them -Game’s just protecting himself. I have a feeling Game will cut the check for PR reasons and because funerals are mad cake. But whateverz. *Waits for LAX*

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