The “F” You I’m Hot motto


Success has many different definitions for some it is about attaining a monetary value such as a million dollars for others its about having a career that you love. Personally, the best possible definition of success would likely be a combination of both, making millions of dollars while doing what you love to do. Under this definition, the majority of people are unsuccessful. In fact, if you are reading this, you probably hate your job, hate school or hate that you don’t have a job. Why?

The number one reason people are not successful is because they settle. They want to survive, instead of thrive. They set the bar so low that even if they are on autopilot they can achieve their “goal”. They settle on something that is not going to bring them freedom and millions of dollars. Let’s examine this further, the effect of “settling” on one’s mind, tells a person this is all I can achieve. It creates a victim mentality, rather than a victor mentality. By admitting defeat by taking that lousy job you put a cap on your ability to succeed. Look at every successful person, they took huge risks and did not give up. If Bill Gates had not dropped out of Harvard, he would not be the richest man on Earth. Thus, the number one trait to being successful in anything is being stubborn. Just as one cannot win forever, one cannot fail forever as long as you continue to TRY. That “closed door” cannot stay closed forever. As long as you are always trying, you can never fail.

For example, I have been developing my musical abilities for a long time and have continually persisted for years to develop my talents. As a youngster, I thought talent was all that was needed, but it is really only a part. The biggest part is stubbornness. Let me clarify, you see I had to be stubborn and say this is what I am going to do and have a “fuck you I’m hot” mentality about it. If anyone knows about how cutthroat the music business is or in fact any business is you know you have to develop “thick skin” to survive the detractors let alone your own demons. This year my goal was to attain radio play, do a big show of 10,000 people and have a video out. I had no clue how I was going to achieve that, as I had no material out and obviously no record deal. But everyday, I made a conscious effort to make strives toward these “power moves” that would ultimately separate myself from the competition. The year isn’t even up and I have already achieved all three of these goals and then some.

I put this out here not to brag, but to inspire you. You see had I not said “fuck you I’m hot” to the haters early on, I would have given up already and be another bitter dude at the barbershop. If you are ambitious, which I assume you are as you have read this far, my only advice for you is to never ever ever give up. Make calculated moves toward your goal, don’t waste time, and most of all be stubborn. Remember “Fuck You I’m Hot”.

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