The End of Rick Ross: We Find Out the Truth

Rick Ross

I knew things were going down for Rossss after he did that XXL cover all flabby looking but this whole corrections officer scandal has just blown the roof of Ross’ resume. He has responded saying it was photoshop’d but we have received a comment from someone named The Truth regarding Rick Ross’ pass as a corrections officer and it seems believable. Here’s what The Truth wrote,

You know its a shame when the truth comes out. For those who didnt know, we in miami always knew he was a c.o. The first lie was he was rick ross. If you was a true ni99a, why would you use another hustlers name and look. Dont let that flaw ni99a fool you.

P.S. That aint photoshop.

Now we really have no way of knowing if he really worked as a c.o., unless his boss comes through with the testimony, then we’ll really see who the biggest boss is. But you know what’s even funnier about all this is the quicker we build them up, the faster we tear them down -look at Akon’s credit dimish like a crackhead with a credit card when he was exposed (though we hear his argument that he had his record “cleaned up” so he could tour worldwide). Maybe Ross was just working as a c.o. to get drugs into jail or silicon breast implants or something. Really, its possible, okay who am I kidding? The guys fake, but he still a hustler, hustler, hustler.

2 thoughts on “The End of Rick Ross: We Find Out the Truth

  1. Rick Ross is still the boss !!! He just dont wont to incrimenate him self , Dirty Cop RING A LOUD BELL . He know the real noreaga.

  2. Why did rick ross take off his shirt

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