The Brand New

Yes, yes, yes, YoRapper’s moving on up in the world. The rags to riches story of “a guy who just wanted to write album reviews while he tried to figure out what he wanted to do in life” continues. Welcome to YoRapper site version 4.0.

If you’ve been around in the early days, you may remember we looked god damn ugly. But we had heart, all we wanted to do was review rap albums. We also just wanted to bad mouth rappers as our slogan back then was “Where Rappers Get Checked”. Site Version 1.0

We soon stepped our game up by throwing shots at established players such as XXL magazine. “Borrowing” their look and reworking their tag line, we became known as “Hip Hop on a Lower Level”. Why? Because we we’re caught up with the internet equivalent of drug dealer’s, pimps and welfare moms. We also adopted the typical rap website colors of “black”, “red” and “grey”. Site 2

After this thug phase, we eventually saw the light and decided that our real goal was to be the end of the hip hop magazine. Now what does this mean? Having always been a rag junkie for The Source, and later for XXL (and yes even still to this day) and now all of them (way too many to name now), it was one of my silly dreams to work for a rap mag. However, since the world of print magazines is in severe decline due to the digital age, I decided to go at it alone. Hence, our motto changed to “The End of The Hip Hop Magazine”. And yes I know “shots”.

YoRapper Site 3

Many of you commented that you liked the artwork on the site, which if you got the message, told the story of a robot destroying a whole city and then pointing in the direction of the buildings with the YoRapper logo over it. What I wanted to say in a “Lupe Fiasco type way” was that the same forces (i.e. technology) that are destroying newspapers and magazines would not destroy our city ( because we fully embrace the opportunities technology provides to promote this beautiful culture we call “hip hop”. And we will always do so, from now until the year 3000.

With our new design, our goal is to provide video, audio and textual content in a sleek and efficient package. In addition, we are testing a new rating system that will allow you more interactivity with the content by being able to rate it. Don’t be afraid to comment either as the more people that voice their opinion the better the experience for all. But please no “first” shit.

I want to personally thank everyone for coming to this site everyday. Without you guys & girls this wouldn’t be possible and I truly mean it. If you have any questions or comments about site features, site problems or just want to give props, I am always all ears.

Also we are going to be undergoing even more changes by the end of March, so stayed tuned. Also don’t be afraid to comment, but please none of that “first” b.s.


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