That Fake Hood Shit (Dj Khaled’s I’m So Hood remix)

Jena 6
Dj Khaled is officially fake. Yeah sure he knows how to put together some hot records, (though he doesn’t rap or produce any of the hits he has put out, he’s sorta of like an overconfident Diddy). But his newest video to the remix “I’m So Hood” in which features Ludacris, Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne, Fat Joe, T-Pain, Rick Ross, Big Boi, Birdman and Busta Rhymes (Exhale) is a serious blow against his credibility. Why? His latest video “I’m So Hood (remix)” is shot with the various rappers standing in front of a “green screen”, which through the magic of computers will show their respective “hoods”. Wow.

Now I’m all for using “green screen” in Spiderman 3 and such, but when you have a song called “I’m So Hood” and you shoot the video inside a studio lot with maximum security, it just oozes with fakeness. I do realize the majority of “remix” videos are shot in front of “green screen” due to budget constraints, but in this case it is a serious violation of hip hop tennet #1 thou shall keep it real. Dj Khaled you scream “We The Best” all the damn time, but I always wondered best at what? Now I know, keeping it fake. Cheerio.

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