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YoRapper’s Valentine Special

Jay-Z Beyonce Valetine's Day
Ah valentine’s day, my favorite day of the year. Today was especially ballin’, cause my women TOOK me out to this crazy Japanese restaurant called “Iron Chef”. I’ve never had Japanese food in my life and wasn’t really looking forward to eating sushi. Let me also add I was mad hungry from not eating all week and working out today for no reason. Anyway, let me tell yall about this place. BALLIN. (more…)

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Can You Sue Your Drug Dealer?


A Canadian women is suing her drug dealer for $50,000 for selling her meth (crystal methamphetamine) which after she used put her in a coma for 11 days. Now because the drug dealer won’t give up his connect, the judge is rejecting his defense that she took the drug on her own accord. (more…)

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