Stuff White People Like

Stuff White People Like
I have no clue how I found this site, oh wait I was google’ing white oppression and came across, and as the name suggest is a blog type site about things white folk like. More specifically it chronicles the behavior of white people in their natural setting in a way that helps to educate us, less than worthy, non-whites.

The site has only been around for a month, but has already generated over a million hits. The writing is incredibly detailed and can only have been written by a white person, though it comes off as advice from someone who is not white. This site appears to build on the popularity that generated a few years back in the white internet world.

As the site pokes fun at white culture, it is interesting to note that the majority white browsers do not feel discriminated against, in fact, from looking over the comments most white people are in total agreement with the author. I personally was laughing my ass off, cause this site is 100% true about them crazy ass crackers.

Here are some links and excerpts to some of the funnier articles;

#47 Arts Degrees

When white people go away to college, they tend to study what are knowns as the Arts. This includes actual Art, English, History, Classics, and Philosophy. These can of course be broken down further into Film, Womyn’s Studies (yes the spelling is correct), Communications, Gender Studies, and so forth. It is important to note that a high percentage of white people also get degrees in Political Science, which is pretty much like arts, and only seems to have the word “science” in it to make white people feel better about themselves.

These degrees enable white people to spend four yeas of their lives reading books, writing papers and feeling great about themselves. It is a known fact that Arts students firmly believe that they are doing you/society a favor by not getting a job and reading Proust. They use this to protest for reduced tuition, more money for the arts, and special reduced student rates on things like bus passes.

#53 Dogs

It should be understood that in white culture, dogs are considered training for having children. That is to say that any white couple must get a dog before they have kids. This will prepare them for responsibility by having another creature to feed, supervise it’s bathroom activities, and to love. Because of this, white people generally assume that their dog is their favorite child unless otherwise stated.

When actual children are born, the dog is not displaced but rather remains as the most important member of the household. This is because of the fact that white children will eventually hate their parents, but dogs will love anyone who feeds them.

I think this white dude liked dogs a little too much.

#56 Lawyers

A common characteristic amongst white people is the need to over analyze things, so they partake in activities such as therapy, writing a blog, or becoming an arts major. So its rather obvious why white people love lawyers so much as it is the one profession that has mastered the art of “over analyzing things”. Even though most disputes can be resolved through reason, unselfishness, and / or a google search, white people would prefer to take things to court or have something in writing. Lawyers are seen as the ultimate problem solvers and “the law” is seen as the be all, end all, of resolving all the world’s ills. In fact white people tend to have better relationships with their lawyers than with family members or friends. Please note that when around white people, that it is social suicide to admit or state that you don’t have a regular lawyer.

But perhaps the one main reason why white people love lawyers is the sense that they are giving back to the community. Most white people major in the arts, and law school is pretty much the only option for anyone with a BA that wants a decent paying job. Basically this love of the law is keeping the demand for lawyers much higher than it should be. So paying lawyer fees to settle the smallest problem, is the white person equivalent of Warrick Dunn building homes for low income families.

PS: I would make a but Al Sharpton & Co would shut that shit down.

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3 thoughts on “Stuff White People Like

  1. a “” wouldn’t be too bad an idea… the authors of the site you’re writing about is making bank. they even have a book deal with random house publishing.

  2. Yeah I saw that, he got something like $350k for a book deal. There is already a Stuffblackpeoplelike, Stuffbrownpeoplelike, etc. But not as good, because the writing skills are not there.

  3. I’m bored of this racial shit. Get over it people.

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