Stop Lying: Jay-Z Says Cole’s Album “Classic”

This is obviously part of the marketing plan and we’re eating it up right?

Jay’s protégé had the daunting task of playing the album for his Roc Nation boss. “When I played him the album, I could gauge his response not on what he said, but what his vibe was,” Cole exclusively tells “I linked up with [Roc Nation executive] Rich Kleiman and he said he was with Jay-Z later that night. Out of nowhere, Jay said, ‘So Cole got a classic. That motherfucker.’”


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2 thoughts on “Stop Lying: Jay-Z Says Cole’s Album “Classic”

  1. J. Cole just wants to avoid the inevitable. He’s young, he’s new, he appeals to hipsters, he’s light-skinned too. Truth be told, he is getting ready to replace Bleek as Jigga’s weed carrier.

  2. nah, Cole’s better than that spida

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