Soulja Boy’s New Dance “Bird Walk”


At times like these I wish I could throw tomatoes through my computer screen so that they could some how hit these buffoons.

3 thoughts on “Soulja Boy’s New Dance “Bird Walk”

  1. He recycles all his lines and dances? The consumers won’t catch on that his next album will be exactly like the first

  2. Soulja boy is the bomb and my brother says fuck soulja and all his songs is whak exectp phtoshoot all the good songs is coming him. Fuck all the bicthes and niggas that think soulja boy is whak shit all these people is a hater i heard all his songs. The second fan is my freind niko he is crazy for gucci bandana with you on it he like has all your songes on it. love jayden

  3. Yo whats wrong with yall fools man?? Soulja boy is the fakest rapper out… The reason why i say that is because… He made songs like “shoot out” and “pistol play” trying to put himself out there like he is a true thug or a real G from the streets… He aint no real street thug… He grew up no more street than a country house dog on a farm… So why would he make a song like “Pistol Play” like he is really a G down for the 187?? Can any one of you fools answer that?? I see crystal clear why Ice T dissed that monkey and I agree 100%…

    Soulja Boy’s lyrics are about nothing but a bunch of repetitive chants and catch phrases

    that are insignificant to the essence of pure talent in hip hop…and his whole image looks

    gay with that funny looking super man dance or WTF ever the sold out shuffle is called!!!


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