Soulja Boy Gets Pimp Slapped

Soulja boy Gets Pimp Slapped
In our January poll, we asked YoRapper readers the age old question which rap personality would you pimp slap? The top 3 rappers that would get smacked up are as follows;

#1 Soulja Boy with 24% of the vote
#2 Lil Wayne with 21% of the vote
#3 Jay-Z with 11% of the vote

Wow. Three of the biggest names in rap and yall would Rick James pimp slap them? Yalls ruthless.

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13 thoughts on “Soulja Boy Gets Pimp Slapped

  1. thats right you all are some hoes theses gay niggas dont like girls, they never mention the word “girl” in any of theyre songs. and the lyric “get out my face hoe” refers to them rejecting woman. you dumbasses need to learn what a real man is.

  2. Haha crazy. :-)

  3. well i really do not care i just know i would let him eat ma puss an dic me down real good (souljaboy)

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