So Now Kanye West Will Produce Blueprint 3

Kanye West Jay-Z Blueprint 3

So now apparently Kanye West (and not Timbaland) will be producing the bulk of Jay-Z’s last album on Def Jam entitled The Blueprint 3. A title I happened to predict would be the name of Jay’s next album, by the way. And since I’m touting my own horn, I just realized I predicted that Kardinal Offishall got next in 2008. Oh yeah and I can’t forget my Lil Wayne selling a milli in one week prediction either. I’m sorry but I’m fronten’ though.

Anyway will Gay-Z make another classic with Blueprint 3? After hearing the live version of Jockin’ Jay-Z, which should come with a no homo in brackets (depending on which side of NY you rep), the track sounds maaaaaad crazy. I would have actually wanted to hear a Timbo/Jay album over a Kanye one, because recently Kanye’s beats have become mad emo. If he can reignite and make the classic uptempo soul joints then Blueprint 3 would just be another American Gangster.

I’m also pretty sure Jay wants his last hooray on a major to be just that -a hooray with massive sales. Knowing Jay’s competitive spirit, he has to want to do a milli in his first week after seeing the other Carter’s recent sales triumph. So he’s going to need to go into Volume 3 territory and make a mad commercially but artistically disappointing record. Jay-Z’s too Brooklyn to dwell into Kanye’s Europeaness.

Speaking of Europeaness. I was in the whip today listening to some really old UGK, and when I say old I mean like before most of us we’re born. And these guys got a song where the hook goes, “I’m so bad I could suck my own dick”. Now WTF? Shouts to Bun B and RIP Pimp C, but they was on some Europeaness back in those days.

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