So Close

Ever get the feeling that your so close to making “it” that you can almost taste it? Well not taste it, but you know what I mean. The last few months I’ve been feeling like I am so close to making it, I just can’t wait. I’ve been working on a project over the last month and it seems like it’s actually going to take me to the “next level”. I almost started crying the other day, thinking about it, I’ve been flat broke for a while now and just barely making enough to scrape by, so its been hard seeing my friends go out and ball while I had to work and save, but I think I’m on the verge of my big break.

I just wanted to tell all yall, keep working with all your heart and you will be a success. Don’t settle for nothing less than the best. Let the suckers work a 9 to 5 and kill themselves, wouldn’t you rather work yourself to death for yourself? But hey, if a “real” job is your thing I don’t want to persuade you any other way, this post is really for my real hustlers, not these imaginary players. You know the ones that dream of doing something, but do nothing but dream. This is a toast to the doers. As Jadakiss once said, WE GONNA MAKE IT.

One thought on “So Close

  1. Damn that shit almost made me cry…definitely hitting home. Keep doing your thing and that post was motivation enough for me to keep doing mine!

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