So 50 Cent Cries at Fat Joe’s Funeral

You have to admit Fifty with the tear drop is the funniest thing that’s ever happened in hip hop. Point blank period. I think it’s right up there with Jigga plastering ballerina P all over the summer jam screen years back. See what people are afraid to admit is Fifty knows how to market. He is the greatest promoter rap has ever seen. How else can you explain how he got everyone in G-Unit platinum plaques (except Yayo, who for the record isn’t that bad)?

The B*tches F*ck with Me cause I’m a Paperchaser

I know a lot of you knuckle heads don’t want to give Fifty his due, cause homie is mad arrogant, but who wouldn’t be with over a hundred mill in the bank? My boy was arguing with me the other day saying no one he knows listens to Fifty, except me. His argument was that if no one but me listens to Fifty than he must not be hot. Now I’m not saying Fifty is the hottest right now, I’d probably say the hottest rapper right now at this moment is Lil Wayne, but any head who has listened to the “Bodysnatchers” tape knows this is the only decent chance eastcoasters have to listen to some “car music”. But anyway, it doesn’t matter if I’m the only person that listens to Fifty, because there’s one of me in every “group” and if there’s a million groups, that’s a lot of fans. And more importantly, the right kind of fans.

That Marketing Plan was Me

I really think the problem with Fifty getting his just due, is that people don’t understand marketing. The hip hop fan’s IQ seems to have fallen a few units over the last few years cause I can keenly remember whenever young Hov made headlines for some beef or something he said, the real heads just smiled because we knew it was brilliant marketing. See most people don’t know how to promote. They think promoting is standing in front of a huge crowd with a megaphone screaming, “Look at me, look at me, buy my product, buy my cd, buy my whatever”. This is nothing but NOISE and is not marketing.

The Cool

Marketing has always been about reaching the tastemakers (“the right fans”), the cool people or the “early adopters” in marketing speak, who will simply make a product cool enough so that the geeks, most of you reading this, want that product so bad you’ll pay three times the price of it to get it on ebay. 50 Cent made rap beefs cool in the early 2000s, but Jay-Z and Nas made it even cooler (remember every NY rapper was beefing with each other back then just to get attention?). Fifty’s brand gets attention for being funny, Jigga’s brand gets attention for being the coolest (word to Lupe). The similarity between both their brands is they both get attention and a lot of it. So does Lil Wayne.

The Elephant in the Brand

Fat Joe’s brand on the other hand is not as big as it really seems (no pun intended, haha no pun intended), because his album sales are horrible for the amount of “so-called” hit records he makes. It’s like all his marketing efforts are on par, or even with this last album, better than his peers, but he just can’t seem to convince the album buyers to convert -which means to buy albums. If I were Fat Joe, I would focus on my core audience instead of trying to dilute your brand by going from a southern bounce to a primo beat. But that begs the question who is Fat Joe’s core audience? The faithful Digging in the Crates heads left Joe along time ago, and the Latinos only like Reggaetone and have horrible taste in hip hop to be taken as a serious buying group. What that leaves Fat Joe with is the same fickle crowd that caused Fifty’s album sales to fall a whopping 9000%. Isn’t this why Fat Joe was dropped from the majors? Great way to paint yourself in a corner Joe, the funeral may be near.

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6 thoughts on “So 50 Cent Cries at Fat Joe’s Funeral

  1. Nice article, I don’t think the average hip hop head today understands the concept of beef and marketing.

    It was the same way back in the early 80’s. The Juice Crew, BDP, LL Cool J…all these crews and artists used beef as competition, but primarily as marketing.

    But nowadays, some of the heads (even some of the artists) only see beef from the street perspective and can’t capitalize off of it in the way Hip hop historically has. They either don’t know their history or are too sensitive to compete in such a ego-bruising field.

    50’s pretty strong willed, that’s why he thrives in these situations and others like Joe, unfortunately, get heated and ultimately fail.

  2. I’m always impressed by how smart readers of this site are, in compared to other sites. Great comment. Props.

  3. YoRapper, could you put some of Yayo’s good songs on this site because that thoughts of a predicate album left a bad taste in my mouth.

  4. I didn’t mean he made great songs, his verses on this bodysnatchers mixtape were jokes.

    Here’s the link…

    He also had some memorable shit on his album. I liked that song where he’s screaming the whole track saying something like “hole in his head, hole in his leg…” He’s a funny rapper in a passive aggressive kinda way.

  5. Yo first off I agree 100% with what you are saying, with the exception of Yayo, and I’m a huge fan of this site I get at it as much as I can. But the thing that seems to get me in the head is 50 may be good at marketing, because what he’s gaining in that department he’s losing in being an actual rapper. All we ever hear about 50 is his weak beefs, and how much money he has, never about the actual music he’s making. I can’t name one person who honestly liked his last album, even you his lone fan, said it sucked. We all know it would not have sold half the records it did without Kanye (who if you’re writing anything on marketing it should’ve been on him).

    P.S. Just because you’ve been speaking pretty highly of it I’ll check out the new mixtape, and if its good I’ll take back what I said.

  6. Murphy your right no one talks about his music, because his arrogance and childish ways overshadow his music. Fifty is no Nas, and No Jay-Z and even no Kanye. His last album sucked huge dick. I wonder if he will ever put out a classic, though some argue GRODT is one. I’m on the fence with that.

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