Snoop Dogg feat. Soulja Boy “Pronto” Video

Peep the new video from Snoop Dogg’s album Malice in Wonderland for the song “Pronto” featuring Soulja Boy.

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9 thoughts on “Snoop Dogg feat. Soulja Boy “Pronto” Video

  1. From saying Soulja Boy was BS to having him on a video.

  2. Seriously…Snoop needs to off himself for this one. I’m not even gonna listen to this song…until my nerves calm….ok….nope…still pissed.

  3. This song ain’t even that bad.

  4. Oh sheiit…my homie DJ Quik on the piano!

  5. take out the horrible autotune chorus and it really isn’t that bad. i like the beat and dizzle still rips his verses as always

  6. Haha the hook is kinda catchy..

  7. Ok…it’s official. I like the track now. And um…white people off beat dancing makes up for slavery. lol

  8. hahahaha, that was like my favorite part of the video. how much did they pay these up scale pasties to dance like fools to snoop dogg

  9. ai man eese é o melhor site de rapper que eu ja vi é o meu favorito ache muito massa mesmo émuito tezão memo as musica intaum apavora é simplismente de mais!!!!

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