Snoop Dogg Becomes Reggae Artist Snoop Lion

Snoop Dogg seems like he’s gone under a transformation over the last year from gangster rapper Snoop Dogg to conscious reggae artist Snoop Lion. I’l let you let that sink in for a bit.

Now on the surface it may seem either ridiculous or is some crazy label driven marketing scheme, but it does appear that Snoop is serious about this as he was baptized as a Rastafarian and has set up a new twitter account @SnoopLion. He’s also enlisted the help of producer Diplo, whose best known for working with M.I.A., Major Lazers and Usher, to produce his new reggae inspired album. The people over at Vice have also documented and have put together a film showing Snoops transformation aptly titled Reincarnated which will premiere at the Toronto Film Festival in September (watch below).

It’s good to see Snoop branching out artistically, and I would never knock an artist for doing something outside of the box (get ready for the “but”). But I think it’s off putting that a dude from California is going to be putting on a Jamaican accent and making a conscious reggae record just because he feels like it. I’m surprised that Diplo is going along with this but hey he did just sign Riff Raff so maybe he’s thinking 100 steps ahead of us. To get a taste of what Snoop Lion sounds like hear his new song “La La La” below.

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