Slaughterhouse Throw It Away Video

After Slaughterhouse released their first single This Is My Life from their new album Welcome to Our House, fans were divided as the song was more radio friendly sounding song ever. This time around, it looks like Slaughterhouse has found a better middle ground, though the subject matter focuses on ballin’ and stripper’s booties clapping.

While their new approach is interesting, it just doesn’t seem genuine. [sidebar: Just look at what Joe Budden is wearing nowadays] From a marketing perspective, I their new sound will gain new fans, but alienate their old fans. The thing is the new fans they gain will be the fickle, unloyal, band wagon jumpers, that are not really good fans to have, while their old fans will go elsewhere for their “underground” fix.

I’ve been listening to the new Slaughterhouse album and am working on a review so I will speak more about it there, until then what do you think of Slaughterhouse’s new direction and their new video?

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