Skillz Disects Diddy and His Struggle to Pass the Torch


I love discussions like these even though they may be hypothetical in nature, it not only shows the current nature of the hip hop game but also shows the frustrations of rappers like Skillz. I personally, don’t buy the argument that Diddy should find a “new Diddy”. I think with guys like Diddy and Jay-Z who really made themselves, it’s really difficult to pass the torch of to the next generation, because they know all the bs they had to go through.

I do wonder when is Jigga and Diddy going to retire? Jay-Z is a 40 years old man, it was bad enough when we we’re 14 listening to a 30 year old, but now it’s getting out of hand. Are we going to worship this ol’ ass rapper when he’s 70?

It is true that Diddy shouldn’t publicly son his artist. I always thought that was a weak look.

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