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Does anyone ever come to a site map page anyway? If you’ve some how landed here, whether because you’re lost or just board or interested or a combination of both. Feel free to peruse the links here to get the hell out of here asap asap.

YoRapper Mobile Ringtones
Looking for ringtones? We have a great deal where you can buy ringtones on your credit card and get unlimited ringtones for one low monthly price. Get cheap ringtones now!

Album Reviews
Some of the hardest hip hop album reviews ever written. Rappers beware. Stans stay away.

Breaking News
Find out what the hell is going on right now. Updated hourly with the latest hip hop news and gossip.

Concert Tickets
Need tickets to the latest hip hop concert? We got you. Everyone from Jay-Z to Lil Wayne to Kanye West tickets available here.

Movie Reviews
Want to know what the hip hop crowd thinks of your movie? Enter at your own risk.

Music Videos
Watch the latest hip hop music videos from Lil Wayne, Kanye West, 50 Cent, T.I., Jay-Z, and many more. If you missed it on RapCity, don’t worry we got you.

Every now and then a member of the YoRapper staff gets pissed off and writes something good. Read what YoRapper thinks of the world at large.

Politics as Usual
Yes we know we stole the name of this section from The Source. But they stole it from Jay-Z. Who stole it from some political pundit. What’s happening with Barack Obama, John McCain and the rest of the politicians find out here.

My New Girlfriend
Who does YoRapper wish he was dating? Check out these hip hop video vixens.

What’s Online
Ever find something great on the net and wanted to share it with the world? Well this is us just doing that.