Shyne Will Be Out the Bing October 6th 2009

Damn it looks like Shyne will be out of jail October 6th 2009, so less than three months away. If you guys don’t remember Shyne he was basically supposed to be New York’s savior and then he recklessly bust shots at a club shotting a person in the eyeball. I’m looking forward to his return because even after almost a decade out of the game he seems like the most credible thug rapper New York’s got that’s actually a good artist.


2 thoughts on “Shyne Will Be Out the Bing October 6th 2009

  1. Yeah I can’t wait…cause folks are gonna be ALL on his dick for a few months. Magazines,BET…he’s gonna have mad cameos in videos.I wouldn’t be surprised to see him come out and 50 try to give him a G-Unit deal.
    BUT…I have a feeling that his album will be sub-par. I’m just saying….

  2. Doubt he still has that it factor… Diddy make him the star he was before… He never was really that hot with the words.

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