Here We Go: Shyne Takes a Shot at Fifty

Well if you haven’t heard by now, Shyne dropped a verse of Alicia Key’s Unthinkable record and for no apparent reason he takes a shot at Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson saying “I need a couple million, fuck 50 Cents”. I mean yeah it’s cute an all using using Fifty’s name for word play, but I’m really not impressed on a lyrical level. What’s interesting is that Shyne fresh out the bing is already taking shots at Fifty, who let’s be honest, hasn’t been hot since I Get Money, which dropped in ’07. This of course makes for a dull beef as Shyne hasn’t been hot since, what ’01?

Anyway if you wan’t to hear Shyne darth vader his way though an Alicia Key’s record and randomly take potshots at Curtis by all means be my guest.

[audio:Shyne – Un-Thinkable Freestyle.mp3]
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2 thoughts on “Here We Go: Shyne Takes a Shot at Fifty

  1. This is a hit…I don’t particularly dig it…but Alicia Keys on the track…and some new Shyne…and 50 beef…might = radioplay. Also yorapper..i’m also not impressed.

  2. still waitin’ on a track to make me like this fool.
    while we’re on fresh out the bing, where the fuck is mystikal

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