Shyne Signs Million Dollar Deal with Def Jam

Apparently Shyne has signed a seven figure record deal with Def Jam after a bidding war ensued between Def Jam and Interscope/Aftermath. According to Hot 97’s Miss Info, Shyne who is not allowed to return to the US will do all his recording in London and has been working with Kyambo “Hip-Hop” Joshua (the same guy who manages Lil Wayne, Kanye West and Drake) to help re-start his music career.

To me this seems a little unfair to new artists who are forced into 360 deals and are who working a billion times harder than Shyne -a guy who hasn’t released a song in 10 years. I mean peep Shyne’s first song since coming out of jail which was supposed to be on Dj Khaled’s Victory album and tell me it isn’t garbage.

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5 thoughts on “Shyne Signs Million Dollar Deal with Def Jam

  1. WTF…you know what…call the boys now…cause if you paid me…I’d put a bullet in Khaled’s head. He need NOT be on ANY songs anymore period! This track is trash…but damn…Khaled ain’t even funny no more. I know Shyne was in the studio like…..WTF? Is this REALLY the track?

  2. You know, when I say the heading that he signed this deal, I was filled with joy. Any real nigga that sign a deal nowadays for that kind of money, I apploud. You niggas missing the big picture! True, he has alot of work to do and he sounds out of date, but fuck that, any nigga getting money from these blood suckers, BIG UP!!!!

  3. Its not like he received a million in cold hard cash bro, This million dollar deal is most likely an advance, meaning he owes the label a million dollars now. The label needs to make a million dollars off of him. UNLESS it’s a signing bonus specified as equity then the artist never actually receives this cash, its seen more as a loan so the artist can live comfortable until he really makes it.

  4. i’d like to combine fred and ivan’s posts together, if possible.

  5. what happened with the 15 Million Dollar deal with DefJam for Gangland that he inked while locked up?

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