Shyne Getting Deported to Belize?

As you probably are aware Shyne was to be released from prison last Tuesday October 6th, however, because of some confusion regarding his immigration status he is still being held in custody. Officials are determining whether or not to deport Shyne back to his native country of Belize, where his dad is the Prime Minister.

Shyne’s lawyers will be continuing the fight to get Shyne back into the country, and his legal team as well as Harvard Professor Charles Ogletree are urging fans to petition Governor Patterson to have Shyne’s deportation decision reversed.

In short, it looks like we’re never going to get a Shyne album ever again.


One thought on “Shyne Getting Deported to Belize?

  1. I’m back glad to see the comments right, i don’t care much for shyne but really rappers are being dicked around right now. and governer patterson, he knows he’s not getting reelected he’s just doing whatever the fuck he wants to doesn’t care about any of this… at least his dad is the fucking prime minister it’s not like he’s going to live like shit

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