Shawty Lo Plays on Native Stereotypes in “Pocahontas”

When your hook is the following:

She poke that thang out like her name was Pocahontas
Shorty look half Indian never say a thang
’Till I pull that money out and wave it in her face
Then she be like “I can make it rain”!
I can make it rain!
I can make it rain!
I can make it rain!
I can make it rain!

It might be time to call it quits. It’s great that 50 Cent gave Shawty Lo 10 million to sign and develop Southern acts but I don’t think that meant Shawty Lo could use that money to fund shit like this.

But the again, what do I know? This will probably be a regional hit.

Watch Shawty Lo’s new video “Pocohontas”.
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