Semtex Interviews Drake

Drake talks to Dj Semtex about working on, I mean working with Rihanna, performing for legends and the possibility of putting out his debut album independently.


6 thoughts on “Semtex Interviews Drake

  1. Wait he might put his album out independently? He’ll make big bank since he has a huge buzz

  2. yorapper why you post so many stuff about this guy, we dont care, this dude is a nobody and hes wack as fuck
    other than that keep it up, peace

  3. If he puts out indie style it would be interesting to see what happens. You have to keep in mind he’s well-off enough as well as has the right connections to pull this off. Not to mention talent.

    Only problem would be his marketing budget, he wouldn’t have money to put out big budget videos, get into all the retail outlets. Basically he wouldn’t have the machine pushing him. Rather it would be his fans pulling him.

  4. notorious i don’t he’s wack. But I hardly bump his music in my whip. His come up in the game is interesting and deserves discussion. He also has one of the biggest buzzes right now.

  5. how the fuck drake wack? hes better than half these wack ass rappers that is out now like joe budden that this site adores but hes better than him rick ross 50 cent soulja boy method man etc hes gonna be u there with in a few years with the greats like jay z, lil wayne and kayne west i think hes the future of hip hop

  6. i wouldn’t go that far but homeboy is good

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