Sean Hannity Says “Ludacris is a Radical”


Now you already know Sean Hannity is a moron and has no right to be taken seriously as a journalist or as a political analysis. In response to the Ludacris freestyle, which in the hip hop world means nothing because it’s a two minute freestyle over a Young Buck beat, Sean Hannity is calling out Barack Obama for being associated with Luda and goes as far as saying Ludacris is a “radical”. Are you kidding me?

Is Sean Hannity out of his mind? If Ludacris is a radical then Dead Prez must be the anti-christ. If anything Luda is one of the most successful rappers who are not considered a “thug” or “gangster” rapper. His support of Obama has nothing to do with what Barack Obama will do as President. This is absolutely ridiculous for him to make that claim, but we all figured it was coming. I’ll say it again, Bill O’Reily is nothing compared to Sean Hannity.

A big problem I have with Hannity painting Ludacris has a radical because he swears and says the “n-word” and the “b-word” is that then a whole bunch of people would be considered “radical”. wouldn’t that mean Bill O’Reily is a “radical”. But wait he is, so that argument doesn’t really work haha.

And another thing, why isn’t Barack being attacked for Nas’ song Black President? It’s waaay better than that Luda joint, plus its an actual real song and Fox already has beef with Nas. Maybe, it’s because it’s not as “radical”. Anyway, YoRapper aka the most radical signing off.


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