Scattered Thoughts

Big Daddy Kane

1. I seen a dude rocking a high top fade like he was on some fly shit today.

2. Speaking of hair, doesn’t Flo-Rida’s hairline look like the Wu-Tang symbol?

3. Since when did Lloyd Bank’s dad die of a cocaine overdose?

4. What was Usher thinking?

5. If Krs-One thinks its cool for Fat Joe to say “nigga” than it’s fine by me.

6. Barack slipped up. But George W. Bush sniffed cocaine and Bill Clinton cheated with his intern.

7. That Angel Lola movie trailor only getting play because the “still image” is of her half nekid.

8. How many Tyler Perry movies are there?

9. Beyonce ain’t that fine.

10. Is it just me or does Gina G. look like Celine Dion?

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One thought on “Scattered Thoughts

  1. Im growin my hair now to get my shit for Christmas

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