Sarah Palin’s Teen Daughter Pregnant!

Sarah Palin Daughter Pregnant

Republican VP candiate, Sarah Palin, has put out a statement to quell rumors that her 17 year old, unmarried daughter, Bristol is pregnant. Now why is this a big deal? Sarah Palin was not only paired with McCain because she’s a women but also because she is socially conservative. For those not up on their political lingo, when you are “socially conservative” you are for things like pro-choice, no sex before marriage, Jesus, and are against things like black people, rap music, BET uncut etc. Now why did they want a socially conservative person on the ticket? Because many hardcore right-wingers hate McCain because they think he is too liberal.

What makes me question Sarah Palin’s ability to lead is not only does she have no experience. I mean c’mon “governor of Alaska”? Do you know how many people live in Alaska? My hood has more people than Alaska. But her inability to be a proper parent that makes sure her 17 year old isn’t having sex before marriage and if she is, is wrapping it the hell up (that means using protection for the foggies reading this). If Sarah Palin is such a social conservative how come she isn’t raising her kid like an average parent would? What does she live in the hood or something? I just think it’s basic common sense that dumbass 17 year old girls should not be having kids. But that’s just me, maybe I’m socially conservative.

Another thing I found funny is that in their statement the Paulin’s say their daughter “WILL” marry the guy. Do you know how hilarious this? I don’t even want to go into the levels of hilariousness this is on. In my books, Sarah Palin is officially wack.

PS. Imagine Bristol Palin’s babymama is Black?

3 thoughts on “Sarah Palin’s Teen Daughter Pregnant!

  1. hye id hit her..

  2. gotta get theese republicans outta office.ya ever notice how uninteligence they is.we be smarta.dam crackers holden us back. Obamas awsome.he gonna make everything gooda.

  3. If you are socially conservative, you are for pro-life, not pro-choice.

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