Saigon “Under Achiver (Joe Budden Retort)”


Saigon repsonds to Joe Budden’s diss “Letter to Saigon“. He also uses Prodigy’s stupid remarks about “Joe Budden being the worst rapper on the planet” to prove some point -what, I’m not sure.

Anyway, the song is trash. Joe Budden already ethered him.

4 thoughts on “Saigon “Under Achiver (Joe Budden Retort)”

  1. Joe’s song did worse than ether. Jay-Z was able to come back and he (not his music per se) came back stronger than ever. Saigon may never recover from this

  2. Pain in my life is better than letter to Saigon. Saigon needs to stop now.

  3. Budden Murked him on that second track, I mean siagon had two hot punchlines out of everything he’s put out agianst Joe. the ransom, and then the joe budden tv line was good, but then just made himself look like such a fuck dissing budden’s little son, seriously to think I was actually looking forward to the release of his album someday. Fucking that pitiful
    Also Imma be looking for you YOrapper tommorrow at SOB’s man hah one love

  4. this gots to be the most uninteresting beef ever, why even post it? they are both wack

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