Saigon Has To Be The Most Sensitive Rapper


Is Saigon delusional? Since when did Joe Budden start the beef between him and Saigon? I still don’t know see how the line “Hit and run like Saigon” is a shot.

Anyway peep the interview in which Saigon contradicts himself a million times. First he says he didn’t beg Joe Budden to stop and then he admits he told Budden “leave me alone, go pick on someone else”. WTF. Then he says things are getting disrespectful when people are taking shots at their kids. WTF. Then he says he’s not going to entertain the beef, but he’s the one that keeps talking about Budden wherever he goes. WTF.

PS. I thought Saigon quit rap cause he couldn’t handle blog comments.

PSS. Can anyone even name a Saigon song?