Russian Blogger Gets Merked

Murat Zyazikov

You think slinging ad hominems at rappers is hardbody? Making fun of any rapper will only get you in a little scuffle (See Rick Ross’ goons beat up Dj Vlad). Try being a blogger speaking out against the injustices of the Russian government particularly Ingushetia’s President headboss, Murat Zyazikov.

Russian blogger/activists, Magomed Yevloyev, was killed by Russian police when they arrested him and “accidentally” SHOT HIM IN THE HEAD. It is rumored that Zyazikov is the one that sent out the hit. And all I have to say is what a dick.

If any of my Russians are reading this and you are not a former member of the KGB nor want to kill me, feel free to shed some light on this in the comment section (unless your own life is at risk).

One thought on “Russian Blogger Gets Merked

  1. its a perfect image and the word are corect. he is an ass, pardon my language.

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