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Russell Peters Tickets

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Now if you haven’t heard of Russell Peters, where have you been? Aside from being one of my favorite comedians, he’s also of the funniest observational comedians when it comes to race. Now race and culture are usually regarded as very touchy subjects for some people and most generally like to keep things “politically correct” or “pc”. But not Russell.

Coming from a South Asian background, born and raised the largely multicultural city of Brampton, (a suburb of Toronto, Canada) Russell Peters is uniquely positioned as one of the only comedians that can make fun of just about any race and get away with it. In fact, Russell’s routine boost of not only “fish out of water” Indian jokes, but he also makes light of the many diverse cultures of East Asia such as Chinese, Filipino, and Vietnamese cultures. He also has some good Black jokes as well and let’s not forget old White jokes (do they ever never get tired?). It’s also no wonder that his audiences also include a high percentage of people of those backgrounds as well. Now how did Russell get so big that your actually interested in reading this?

Well as legend would have it his appearance on Canadian network CBC aired a stand up routine he did, I believe this was sometime in 2004 on television. Someone, somewhere, uploaded this video to Youtube and the rest is pretty much history. He explains this in his recently released DVD, Outsourced. However, keep in mind, Russell Peters had been performing for as little as FREE.99 for over twenty years before making it big, so he is by no means an overnight success kids.

For archive purposes, here are some of the videos that have made Russell Peters famous. I will also be adding new ones as they are found so check back often. If you just want to get some cheap Russell Peters tickets go here.


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