Royce Da 5’9 Dissing Joe Budden? LOL

Royce Da 5’9″, who I think is one of the wackest rappers of all time, is taking shots at Joe Budden in his new song I’m Nice. No your not. I’m not even going to post the audio but here’s an excerpt of the verse.

What’s beef? I’ll play it one way, violate it Sunday get annihilated Monday
you niggas is actors, what is you recording?
ill leave you bleeding lying on the cutting room floor then,
listen to Joe Budden say, ‘I fell the f*** off,’
but he never fell on, i’ll just gonna ignore him,
make a nigga extra famous after I warned him,
don’t jump, you gay as, Greg Louganis, into that water,
you dont want it, you can either have a nice after noon,
or you can have your family do the mournin’”

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**Updated** Here is a video of Royce responding to Joe Budden. When did Joe Budden diss Royce? Secondly, why would Joe diss Royce?

13 thoughts on “Royce Da 5’9 Dissing Joe Budden? LOL

  1. Royce is fucking filthy on the mic. Anyone who disagrees should probably start paying more attention to the hip hop they listen to

  2. Wat are these guys talking bout Royce aint good. Royce is in a league were only Eminem is. D dude is sick. Illest slaughterhouse member along wit Crooked I.

  3. True dat murriy… If ya’ll think Royce is whack then ya must be talkin bwt anada dude… He da black Eminem… Yes i said it…

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