Round 3: Kanye gives 50 Cent early Retirment

50 Cent retire

In a bizarre turn of events, it looks as if 50 Cent is throwing in the towel. Looking tired and a little disgruntled, 50 Cent appeared on CNN today reportedly saying, “I probably won’t put another album out. If I do put another album out I probably won’t travel to promote it.” Well, thank god. 50 has not made a hot record for a while now, and although I am little disappointed as I was a huge fan of his earlier material, this is the natural evolution of life. Besides, 50 caps the interview of nicely saying, “I’m rich already” and walks off. This is exactly what all rappers who have had their run should do, just go off into the distance with your money and let the new comers take over.

The suits at Interscope, 50’s record label, must be fuming as their biggest moneymaker only three days into its biggest release of the year is calling it quits. Fifty has so much money now that he just doesn’t care anymore, he’s not even trying to hide the fact he doesn’t care. 50 is still a good entertainer for hip-hop and should consider a reality show, however, his ability to capture today’s audience from a musical perspective is in serious question. Fif man, if you reading this, there is life after rap. Go ask Jay-Z.

LOL @ CNN’s caption “50 Cent Unhappy”

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