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buy ringtones with credit card
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How It Works

Once you sign up you are given access to over 3 million ringtones and wallpapers to download to your cell phone. You can download ringtones from every genre including: Hip Hop, Rock, Christian, Christmas Theme, Country, Classical, TV Themes, R&B, Gospel, Dance, Reggae, Folk, and Kids songs.

Ringtone Scams

I’ve been looking for the cheapest place to get ringtones from because the more popular sites are charging way too much. The most popular one, which you see TV ads for, is charging $9.99 a month for 6 ringtones, 10 graphics and 4 games. Now who really wants to pay $120 a year on ringtones? No one. So they have had to resort to tricking consumers into buying them. Watch this clip from CBS evening news about how ringtone sites are scamming buyers.

As shown, the biggest thing I hate about how they operate is that the only way you can preview ringtones is by first “agreeing” to pay for the service. How do you agree? You enter your cell phone number as confirmation you agree to pay for the service. What tricksters!

Even worse is, they try to justify this by putting these conditions in small font at the bottom of your screen. Wow, so not only are they overcharging for ringtones, they are also tricking people into buying them.

Buy Ringtones Pay With A Credit Card

Another thing that is misleading about these other ringtone sites is that they charge your mobile carrier who then adds the extra charge to your cell phone bill every month! Here’s some advice: Always buy ringtones with a credit card as it will make it easier to get a refund and to avoid fraudulent activity. Simply put, it’s for your own security.

Cheap Ringtones

By teaming up with one of the best ringtone sites, we are able to give you the most competitively priced plan out there (this simply means the best damn deal you will ever find!). We are also able to provide ringtones for customers of all phones and mobile carriers in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. You are also able to preview the ringtones before you buy. No tricks. No B.S.

Here is a complete list of accepted carriers:

Amp’d Mobile
AT & T Wireless
Boost Mobile
Bell Mobility
Cellular One
Centennial Wireless
Carolina West
Cellular South
Cincinnati Bell
Dobson Cellular
Edge Wireless
Farmers Wireless
Midwest Wireless
Metrocall Wireless
MTS Mobility
NorthernTel Mobility
Pioneer Cellular
Rogers Wireless
Southern LINC
SaskTel Mobility
Telus Mobility
Virgin Mobile Canada
Virgin Mobile USA


Now that you know we accept your carrier, get the best damn ringtone deal ever!

Fun For A Year BEST VALUE!

Only $1.99/month for 12 months of unlimited downloading for up to 3 cell phones. That’s right you can download as many ringtones as you want to as many as three different cell phones. This means you and two of your friends or family can get unlimited ringtones as well. This is by far the cheapest ringtone deal you will find, considering other sites charge you $10 a month for just 6 ringtones.

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