Rick Ross vs Jeezy vs Gunplay vs 50 Cent

If you haven’t heard by now, at the taping for BET’s annual Hip Hop Awards, a bunch of fists were thrown mostly by grown men in their 30s. First we had the story that Rick Ross and Jeezy got into a shoving match backstage and there’s even some grainy cell phone footage that was just released of the fight (See below). Don’t worry there’s not much to see as it’s difficult to make out what’s going on other than a bunch of cops going crazy.

As you may remember the Ross and Jeezy beef has been brewing for some time but only came to a climax when Ross dropped some pretty incendiary remarks in the song “Rich Forever” from the mixtape Rich Forever. Particularly the lines,

“Your shit pushed back cuz it ain’t buzzin’
Now these thugs actors all of a sudden
Niggas hustle backwards all of a sudden
Can’t talk snow, where the soft at
Your man got murked, but you squashed that
Hope you know what we call that
I think you know just what we call that”

Not to be outdone, Ross’ trigger man Gunplay also reunited his beef with 50 Cent, particularly scrapping with five members of Fifty’s entourage (at the same damn time). And yes there’s a video for that too. In this, you’ll see a very caffeinated Gunplay fight a few dudes and then get maced by police. If memory serves me correct this beef could be over the time Fifty clowned Gunplay for the footage of him passing out in front of the club.

And here’s a telling tweet from MMG’s Meek Mill which he tweeted just today.

Yup rap is officially WWF and your team is the reason.

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