Rick Ross Still Lying About His Past?


Ri-dic-u-lous. He should just say he has amnesia and I’ll go back to bumpin’ Ross.

2 thoughts on “Rick Ross Still Lying About His Past?

  1. Seriously Yorapper, why would he keep saying it didn’t happen, if it really did happen.
    Nah but honestly I’m getting kind of pissed how everyone’s saying oh, its not true. then everyones saying he probably got started in the drug game as a CO. He stole his name from the real drug dealer, using his real fucking name, obviously he’s lying I just can’t bel;ive i didn’t realize it earlier hah. But even though it was only a year and a half, fucking being a CO is really one of the worst jobs in my opinoin, The onyl CO’s I know are the ones who beat up monors, the ones who fucking flush my already shitty food down the toliet, the ones who stole mail and sweat shirts. To me being a C.O. is much different than being a police officer, and Yorapper you are a smart guy, I’m assuming you’ve heard of the standford prison experiment. I hope big William didn’t do thios shit, and we aint never going to find out you know, but what makes anyone think otherwise. Fuck him.

  2. This guy is living in another land.

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