Rick Ross “Push ‘Em Over the Ledge” (G-Unit Diss)

Rick Ross G-Unit Diss

I do like how Rick Ross calls 50 Cent a “monkey”. Pause. I feel like I should say “no homo” now. Anyway, this isn’t too bad, but I have feeling Rick Ross just opened up a whole can of worms. Speaking up opening up a can of worms, Rick Ross’ financial records were leaked to the net this week (and no I’m not going to post them) but according to his 2006 financial statements the guy made around $200k. That isn’t too bad and I’m not knocking him but in 2007 the guy said he “made a couple million last year (2006) dealing weight”. He also repeatedly made it clear he had $15 million in the bank on his album Trilla. What’s even more funnier, according to this document, Ross in 2006 spent roughly $30k a month but only made about $15k a month. Talk about living way out of your means. Boss.


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