Rick Ross Promoting Rape?

It’s a sign of the times. Where everything can be googled. Where everyones mad about something. Where everyone has a college degree. This is where Rick Ross gets into trouble. We’ve seen this story already play out with Lil Wayne and strangely enough with Ross’ artist Meek Mill. My guess it’ll blown over when the protestors realize they can’t pay their rent protesting outside of Reebok and that their degrees in Women’s Studies is essentially useless.

What is interesting is “will Reebok buckle?” I’m sure the people that signed Ross know his lyrics and the context they should be taken in. But what about the higher ups? The suits. The wrinkly old white men who hate “nigga music”. What will they do when they get a petition of 72,000 names of ardent feminist? Likely and hopefully they laugh and set it on fire with an expensive cigar because as much as you love or hate Rick Ross, he does not PROMOTE rape or the new buzzword of the moment “rape culture”

If you want to make the argument that Rick Ross promotes rape than you also believe Rick Ross promotes obesity. Haha. See it sounds funny. Why? Because its a leap of logic. Using that same faulty logic I could argue that grown women protesting during the middle way are promoting unemployment. Well they are: Rick Ross from Reebook.

Oh and Talib Kwelli is a bitch ass nigga.


One thought on “Rick Ross Promoting Rape?

  1. the mighty religion of feminism trying to stay relevant. Too bad we have to take them and Gender’s studies seriously because of Political Correctness (and white privilege) . I can’t wait until we see CBS have NCAA athletes with Gender’s studies majors. Then no one will take it seriously.

    “Yeah, graduated top three of my class, BA in Arts, my professors predicting me an easy future and all that. Would you like fries with that?”. – Gender’s Studies major

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