Rick Ross Hands in His Resignation

Rick Ross Corrections Officier

The Smoking Gun website has really gone in on Ross and have managed to get even more juice on Mr. Officer. Among affirming the ugly truth about Ross’ past, we also get a copy of Ross’ resignation letter and evidence that he has a squeaky clean rap sheet -because you can’t be no cop if you have a record. Even though this is just plying on the evidence now, it is pretty damn hilarious that if you dumb rappers lie the white media will eat you alive. I don’t see XXL or Vibe or any other hip hop rag going this far into Ross past -they are all probably too busy writing Lil Wayne articles anyway.

In other Rick Ross news, is the question of whether or not there is beef between him and Trick Daddy. The answer is negative. In fact, Trick Daddy never said, “Rick Ross was a corrections officer”. What happened was some retard interviewing Ross randomly just said he did and hence the resulting comments by Ross about Trick Daddy being a “sucka”. Considering that they’ve worked together on so many songs I had a feeling this was suspect, Trick has even recently stated “Rick Ross will be on my next album”.

So all is well in Rick Ross Land right?


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