Rick Ross Blames Lack of Sleep for Seizures

Rick Ross appeared on BET’s 106 & Park to talk about how he’s doing after suffering two seizures last month. Rick Ross confirmed that while doctors ran tests on him to determine the cause of his multiple seizures, no cause could be determined other than a lack of sleep.

Ross says, “The doctors asked when was the last time you got eight hours of sleep? I told them it was about five years ago”. Ross then promised fans he would be taking naps, but also couldn’t stop hustling and confirmed that on his next album God Forgives I Don’t, him and Jay-Z have a song together.

Finally, Ross is asked his thoughts on 50 Cent reaching out to him on twitter and simply says, “If he is genuine than I appreciate that homie!”, to which the crowd went wild. I couldn’t help but crack a smile either.

Below: Watch Rick Ross’ appearance on 106 & Park.


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