Rick Ross Admits “It’s Me”

Rick Ross

The latest issue of Don Diva has an exclusive interview with Rick Ross in which they point blank ask Ross if the correction officer pictures which surfaced a few weeks ago were really him. Ross’ response, “It’s me”. He doesn’t really go into any more detail (other than to go into length about how much of a gangster he is) but the magazine tries to make a case that because he worked as a corrections officer for 18 months that doesn’t make him less of a gangster.

My response is he isn’t a gangster because he had a normal job but because he lied about it and the normal job he had was a friggin’ corrections officer. No real gangster I know or have seen on TV or in movies works as a corrections officer. See all real gangster start out as petty thieves and then graduate to local goon and if they live long enough and are smart enough move on to head boss. No gangster in training has time or the wherewithal or the intelligence to go to police academy. C’mon Ross.

To the average hip hop fan this looks like the real life version of that Roots’ video What They Do. We’re not saying you never sold drugs or were not some drug kingpin but that you resorted to selling drugs to get rich NOT because you “had to” or you had “no way out the hood”. Since you clearly had away out the ‘hood as you were a model correctional officer you are clearly a poser. And this is true regardless of how many DJs you beat up or how much yayo you push.

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2 thoughts on “Rick Ross Admits “It’s Me”

  1. he lied, thats tha only problem. but wha gangsters do you kno? you dont see errthing on TV, you gotta read up nigga. Suge Knight had Piru members in tha LAPD. lets talk military, over in tha Middle East, they found gang graffiti. Blood, Crip, Kings, Folk, MS-13.

  2. Yeah I have to disagree with you too my dude, some of the most notorious criminals come out of Miami, do your history and correction officers are just as dirty. If anything it makes sense, The God mother,etc have all passed thru those prisons you don’t think that some of the officers are connected with that?? come on, see people get caught up in the hype, no he shouldn’t have lied, but I believe there is def. more to this story. Any Real Gangsta is always trying to make it to the “Legit World” or make it look as Legit as possible. don’t just look at the surface homey, dig deeper.

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