REVIEW: G-Unit – Terminate on Sight

Review G-Unit Terminate on Sight

Review: 2.5 out of 5

Best Song: Let It Go, Ready or Not

G-Unit returns with their follow up album to Beg For Mercy with a new disc Terminate on Sight. Let’s be honest, G-Unit and particularly 50 Cent have seen their stock values drop over the last few years as the public has become tired with Gangster Rap and Fifty’s frivolous beefs. I can’t even recall anyone (beside me) that’s been bumpen’ Fifty or G-Unit in the last two years! I recently had the opportunity to talk to some seventh and eight graders and all of them even hated Fifty with a passion [sidebar: Incidentally, all of them were insanely for Lil Wayne]. Having said that, the last two G-Unit mixtapes were impressive and particularly the first one Return of the Body Snatchers had some serious fire on it. So can G-G-G-Unit make a comeback? Peep the breakdown.

1. Straight Outta Southside (Produced by Ron Brownz)
A disgusting New York banger! The horns on this one, made me think those crazy robot aliens from War of the Worlds were going to come through and destroy my crib and f*ck my shizz up. The three horseman go hard on this joint, and especially Banks, who is the most lyrical of the group, massacres this joint.

Most Entertaining Line: “When all my niggas die they gonna have 80 virgins” – Tony Yayo

2. Piano Man featuring Young Buck (Produced by Tha Bizness)
Fifty delivers a wicked hook, the beat bridges futuristic synth sounds to New York boom bap and classical piano riffs to make some Grade A “car music”. The now X-G-Unit member, Young Buck makes an appearance here as well as throughout the album and I can seriously say I’m going to miss his verses.

3. Close to Me (Produced by Chris Styles)
Even though this beat sounds cheap as in they probably paid the producer $500 and a Popeyes combo #2, the track has a certain swag about it that should get spins in the club. I think the beat needs a little more “umph” to bang properly.

4. Rider Pt.2 (Produced by Rick Rock)
This is like the beat they were trying to go for on the last song, except it actually works. It’s funny hearing Young Buck say, “Even if Fifty dropped me I still wouldn’t sign”. Only thing that errks me about this joint is did Fifty really have to sing into T-Pain’s ass?

5. Casualties of War (Produced by Ky Miller)
If this song didn’t have an annoying hook, a myspace producers’ beat and Fifty’s trite lyrics this song would be okay. Though, I wouldn’t play this song ever again. Ever.

6. You So Tough (Produced by Ky Miller)
This is the song where Fifty supposedly goes at T.I. for snitching to give anti-violence speeches to high school kids, instead of going to prison for 10 years. I don’t know what it is, but this song is so weak that I really don’t care.

7. No Days Off (Produced by Dual Output)
Banks comes through with a sick verse. ‘Nuff said.

8. Terminate on Sight (Produced by Ty Fyffe)
Finally a beat I can vibe too. This reminds me of some EPMD shizz and Fifty actually comes with a non-gay flow on this one, though his knife tough talk is a Never Ending Story type fairy tale which was pretty much the reason I listened to Curtis once.

Weakest Line: “I’m the ginger bread man, niggas can’t chase me.” -Tony Yayo

9. I Like the Way She Do It (Produced by Street Radio Inc.)
This was supposed to be the huge single that was supposed to have this album selling a supposed 5 million in its first week. I suspect this song is supposedly gay. I hope Jay-Z goes at Yayo for the, “I can breathe on a track and make money” line, he did go after Mims for the “I can make a million saying nothing on a track” line. Also why doesn’t Banks have any punches, he’s just rhyming letters, wtf?

Line that Makes Me Vomit in My Mouth: “I might eat out tonight depending on how I feel.” – Young Buck

10. Kitty Kat (Produced by Pollaw The Don)
Pollaw The Don comes through with the best beat on the album, unfortunately the hook is crazy annoying. It’s like they got one of those drunk fat booty New York strippers to do the hook…oh wait a minute.

11. Party Ain’t Over featuring Young Buck (Produced by Damien Taylor)
A sick beat that puts a quick organ riff over wet claps and works well as another Grade A “car music” joint. What I don’t get about Yayo is his tendency to swagger jack Fifty’s lifestyle, Yayo says, “You owe your label money”, nagga how many units did your tax write off sell? Nonetheless, Yayo is still the most entertaining rapper in the group. Also Buck’s jab at Wayne is cute, considering we will never hear Young Buck again.

12. Let It Go featuring Mavado (Produced by Don Cannon)
Now this is a surprising banga. This should have been a single not that other gayness. Banks kills it, Mavado brings it, Yayo makes me laugh and Fifty isn’t even on this track -which is probably why it wont be a single and why its sick.

13. Get Down (Produced by Swizz Beatz)
I don’t know if anyone’s notice but Swizzy has been making some serious bangers lately. He did that Dr. Carter joint and the Where the Cash At? beat is crack macaroni and cheese if you ask me. This joint may knock in the whip, but I really don’t care, I just want it to end.

14. I Don’t Wanna Talk About It (Produced by Produced by Jesse Corparal Wilson & Reginald “Regg” Smith)
Finally a well-written-original hook, I’ll just pretend I didn’t hear Fifty say, “I shoot a nigga kid and I don’t want to talk about it.” Yayo actually comes with a jokes verse and Banks finishes with his usual rah rah.

15. Ready or Not (Produced by Jake One)
What the lyrical miracleness? Banks goes crazy on this with two verses and muthereffen’ Yayo references the Napolean complex wtf is going on? They must have lost the remote at Fifty’s mansion and Discovery Channel was on. Also Fifty is a no-show on this one. Overall a severely sick track.

Best line: “I can’t leave my bitch there’s something about her brain/ if she put her mind to it she could suck out a vein”. -LLoyd Banks

16. Money Makes The World Go Round (Produced by Ron Browz)
This is straight myspace rapper shizz. Everything from the beat to the concept to the rap seems like it was recorded by some bum rappers from some low class suburb in Jersey. Probably the worst song in G-Unit history.

Last Words
Even though this album is really a 2, we’re going to give it an extra .5 for the work on the last two mixtapes. It’s hard to say if G-Unit is going to be around much longer, Fifty does have enough fans from his first two albums to pull the wool over a few more times. Question is: how many times can he do it?

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  1. I give it a two being nice, because i know you like him, 50 is fucking

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