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The good folks over at Coosh sent me a pair of cool headphones to test and asked me to give my two cents. Since I am a bit of an audiophile as I have been mixing songs and making beats for over 10 years I figured I have some expertise in testing headphones. I’m breaking this review down into three parts: Sound quality, Comfort and Durability. There’s also some bonus videos from The Massive Monkees inside.

Sound Quality
I used these headphones with my Ipod and the sound clarity was actually better than the shitty headphones that comes with the Ipod. I even tried to mix a song using them and they weren’t as bad as I thought, it actually gave me a good idea of what a song would sound like on a Ipod. Considering these are in-ear headphones, the bass response and clarity are not going to be on par with my $200 studio headphones, but these still hold their own.

Coosh headphones

My biggest peeve with headphones whether they are earbuds or the full size headphones is that they are usually uncomfortable after an hour use. Every earbud headphone I’ve used has irritated my ear, making me feel like someone shoved a pencil in there. The first thing I noticed about the Coosh headphones is that they are insanely comfortable (and no that is not an exaggeration). I had them in for about three hours and didn’t feel a thing which is attributed to their light weight and soft “rubbery” materials in its construction.

In addition, they stay on no matter what. As you probably have seen other earbuds have an ear support which is a piece of rubber that goes around the ear lobe holding the earbud in place. It may sound uncomfortable but again the attention to soft materials make the Coosh headphones stay snug on your ear with no discomfort.

I’m not sure what durability means, but I hope it means “how long will it last”. Whenever I buy anything from electronics to clothes, I try to examine the product to come up with an idea of how long it will last. For a pair of headphones that cost under $20, it seems like the Coosh headphones will last longer than any pair of Ipod phones or any similarly priced sets.

Last Word
If you are looking for a pair of headphones to use while working out as you are tired of your Ipod ones falling out, I would recommend you cop a pair of the Coosh headphones as they will not only “stay on and feel good” but are also pretty cheap. **Bonus** Peep the video of the breakdance crew The Massive Monkees testing out a pair.


**Mo Bonus**

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For more information and to purchase a pair from Amazon go here.


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  1. I ordered myself a pair, after your review. If I am lying down in bed or something listening to music, ipod headphones either fall out if you lie flat, or hurt if you lie in your side. I am excited for these

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