Remy Ma Not Allowed to Talk to G-Unit

Remy Ma

In the January issue of Shirt Sizes, Remy Ma among other things in her life, namely her shooting case, talks about how Fat Joe put a clause in her release contract from his label that she could not work with any member of G-Unit for the next three years. Here is the quote, to read the full article check out the latest Shirt Sizes.

So to get out of the contract, you had to sign that you wouldn’t work with anyone from G-Unit?
Everybody’s like, “Are you serious?!” And then everyone laughs. I’m telling you, their government names [are all in the paperwork], like even Prodigy, Havoc, Whoo Kid, Olivia, Hot Rod! I don’t even know this guy Hot Rod! Young Buck, Yayo. It’s like, “Calm down, are you that pressed?” It’s so petty… Am I saying to him, “You can’t do any songs with Lil’ Kim or Foxy Brown”?

You can’t collaborate with anyone from that crew forever?
For three years. So Joe’s checking their charts, calculating, like, hopefully in three years G-Unit fell off.

Wow. Don Cartegena on some Fat Joe the Corporate Gangster shit.

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