Rappers Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves

Jay-Z Money

So I’m watching the new season of Run’s House and apparently Rev.Run is getting back into the rap game via a new deal he’s signed with some European label and through the touring he’s been doing with Kid Rock. And it got me really, really mad. You know why?

Cause who is putting on Rev.Run? Kid Rock and a Euro label! Now don’t get this twisted, mad props to Kid Rock and that Euro label. My beef is with all the rappers, especially you New York muthaf*ckas. Have any NY rappers hailed up Rev.Run? Have any of them brought him to a show, let alone taken him on tour? You have the man who practically invented New York hip hop having to go out and perform for Kid Rock fans? Where’s the respect you f*cking scumbags!

You want to know why New York’s been soft because you Lil Wayne dickriders won’t respect your elders. Without no unity and respect and understanding for where the music came from yall ain’t gonna do nothing! Where’s Jay-Z? Where’s 50? You guys hold the torch for the up and comers and this is the example yall set? You should be ashamed.

Look at those Southern rappers, why you think they eating and yall not? Because they eat together. You see that David Banner video with Chris Brown, the man’s wearing a UGK jacket and rhymes, “I got Chad in my heart and dj screw in my cup”. New York rappers never big up another rapper unless its Biggie and he not here to hear it. Have some class you f*cking Yankees. Stop the douche baggery that’s plagued the Rotten Apple for a decade now.

And even you little rap n*ggas are to blame. Beefing all the time with these petty beefs. Everyone want to be the King of NY. All of that’s bullsh1t. You guys would actually rather be the king of pile of dog sh1t than to actually work together and build the scene. All the animosity is not cool and is not part of the competitive spirit that this city once had. If T.I. and Luda can make a song together than Fifty, Jay-Z and Cam can come together for a joint.

You make me sick rapper.

3 thoughts on “Rappers Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves

  1. I agree, if New York had any unity they might take the rap game back. Everyone is always blaming the South for Hip-Hop’s demise, but the Eastcoast contributed a lot too. There’s just no unity, they only give up to Biggie who is dead and by all means cannot here them or feel glory from their words. Run should not have to go to Kid Rock, Jay-Z should have came to Run. There’s a lot of love in the South, only real beef is by idiots like T.I. and Shawty Lo.

  2. man real talk new york has always been the best lyrically and that still applies to this day. Southern rap is basically making words rhyme not telling stories. only a couple of artist have that skill in the industry period and most of them are up north. True enough the south is selling more records right now and the numbers are lower than the glory days of the late nineties or early 2000’s. The difference is southerner’s don’t understand certain words their pretty plain and simple when it comes to rhymes.

  3. Reggie Finale on youtube…
    Positive music…..
    Real Rhyme spitta…
    Hood motivator….Just Listen
    Reggie Finale— Inauguration Song
    — Hip Hop 4Ever
    — Come and meet my LORD
    Much Respects,(Rev Run Get at me)

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