RapCity: 50 Cent eats humble pie with Master P

Master P

Today Master P appeared on BET’s RapCity with guest host 50 Cent to promote his “clean” album entitled “Hip Hop History” which features his son Romeo as well as to talk with Fifty about his disparaging remarks toward him. For all those that don’t know 50 Cent was asked at a BET press conference during the Don Imus controversy in May, if he would clean up his lyrics as fellow rapper Master P has claimed he would. 50 Cent arrogantly responded, “Well Master P doesn’t sell CDs anymore…You can tell him I said it. Cameras is rollin’ right?” Fifty’s tune has significantly changed since.

Appearing on RapCity today, 50 looked humbled and was on his best behavior in front of Master P. Master P admitted to being “upset” at Fifty’s remarks and it seemed like 50 was either humbled or scared to argue with him, and only seemed to try to explain why he said such remarks. Fifty explained in a non-confrontational tone that he believed Master P was changing his format as his business model was changing as Romeo, his biggest act, was marketed toward children. Master P didn’t seem in agreement with 50’s argument and affirmed his decision is based on himself “growing up”. He told 50, “When you grow up you’ll make the change too”. Fifty just smiled and agreed. This was all right after, Master P was quick to point out that he was the one that funded 50 Cent’s first Southern tour.

So either this whole Kanye situation has really humbled Fifty or we’ll hear him talk shit again about Master P on a Hot 97 interview. Fifty is a real sneaky dude, he’s not going to confront anyone in person like he does on record or when there not around. He just humbles himself up in their presence and waits until there not around to speak out. I’m not saying 50 should fight Master P on TV, I’m just wondering what happened to that cocky attitude he was displaying at the BET press conference when Master P was not there to defend himself. What do yall think?

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