Raekwon “I Got the Tape” to Joe Budden

Raekwon had some choice words for Joe Budden at his Toronto show, confirming that he does indeed have the footage of him and his goons roughing up Joey. He also makes it clear that the beef is over saying,

This is about a kid who gets off on doing blogs. My thing is, I’m a business man, I’m here to make money, take care of my family and keep as many people safe as possible. We not gonna take it there cause that’s little shit… we are grown men. I will never jump out the window to sacrifice the situation with my family for something that ain’t worth it. I don’t want nobody to hurt that man or do anything to him because I’m so known in so many different places, that’s the easiest shit in the world… I don’t want that. We are going to keep it moving with hip-hop, he knows to respect his elders… that’s it, I got love for him. I love you, Joe Budden.

Now that this beef is over, who do you think Joe Budden will squabble with next? I’m thinking Rick Ross.

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