Prodigy Says Joe Budden is the Worst Rapper on the Planet


The hate continues for those who can’t read, Prodigy has been nice enough to put out a video interview to accompany his wonderful blog, all on his last day before heading to the big house. I can just hear registers ringing for homie’s album. Please note the sarcasm.

I guess P didn’t read that YoRapper gave Budden Rapper of the Year for 2007 and rated his Mood Muzik 3 album a perfect score.

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4 thoughts on “Prodigy Says Joe Budden is the Worst Rapper on the Planet

  1. he mad dum talkin’ bout Joe budden who realesed the hottest mixtape eva Mood Muzik 2. And then 1 of the hottest albums eva Mood Muzik 3.5

  2. fuk jo budden he aint shit game, p, banks whoever could whoop his ass i seen the top 10 worst rappers n this pussy mofuck is number one. let the hollow tips fly at u motherfucker buddens fuckem

  3. Fuck prodigy & weak ass 50 cent dick riding ass nigger.Pee,50 cent & the rest of the G-Unit camp are done.Their shine in the spotlight is over.Fuck G-Unit,Mobb-Deep,Shady Aftermath,Eminem,Dre & anyone else that was down with that played-out crew.Fuck them,they are done.

  4. Fuck G-Unit,Mobb Deep,Shady,Aftermath,& Snoop Dogg w/the Dogg Pound.They are done.Fuck them non rapping ass faggots.

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