Prodigy Admits Jay-Z Demoralized Him

Jay-Z Prodigy Beef

It’s no secret I hate Prodigy with a passion but any objective hip hop listener should know by now that Jay-Z and Jay-Z alone is the sole reason Mobb Deep fell from grace. Ballarina P has written a few blogs and appeared in some hip hop dvds over the last few years taking little jabs at Jigga in hopes to rebuild his brand. The funny thing is Jay-Z is never asked about his beef with Prodigy, whereas the only question anyone has for Prodigy is his beef with Jay-Z, which is what eight years old now?

Anyways, I bring all this up, because Prodigy popped up in another hip hop dvd (video below) to add another nuance to his feud with Hov. He tells of an incident in which Jay-Z and his two bodyguards were just leaving a club and Prodigy who was “30 deep” were waiting at the exit of the club ready to stomp out Jay & Co. Right when they were going to strike like hungry wolves, Jay-Z goes up to Prodigy, shakes his hand and says, “Yo there’s no beef, it’s only rap“. Jay-Z walks out of the club without a scratch and presumably into a limousine where he is blown by Beyonce, laughing his head off about how he just talked his way out of a gang beating courtesy of Mobb Deep’s weed carriers. The hilarity about all this is that Prodigy actually takes that as a win for the M-O Double B, when in fact it is a complete demoralization at the hands of Jay-Z.

Imagine if Prodigy and the Mobb Deep blow hards actually gave Hov the thrashing he deserved? Keep in mind this was right after the infamous Summer Jam incident in which Jay-Z put up Prodigy’s ballerina picture on the Summer Jam screen and performed Takeover. It would be over for Jay-Z. This is when he just released The Blueprint, the album which solidified him as The Greatest of All Time, and would have had to have been in the hospital for much of the marketing of that album. Who knows maybe Prodigy would evoke the same kind of admiration Jay-Z does and be looked at as one of the greatest, instead of as one of the gayest, if this did happen. But that’s all in another universe talk.

Anyway, who do yall think went home the winner?

61 thoughts on “Prodigy Admits Jay-Z Demoralized Him

  1. by far has to be the dumbest post in internet history

  2. Jay z is a pussy to deny the beef Prodigy will always be more real and Jay Z knew that was true.

  3. I heard Jay came up to Prodigy and said that at a restaurant, but I didn’t really get much details. I just pictured Prodigy sitting at the dinner table and Jay coming up to him to defuse the situation. I didn’t know P had the upper hand.

    Still, I’m sure those body guards were carrying. Jay wasn’t gone get jumped.

  4. @Matt L Parks
    u obviously made up that lie :)

    Jay-Z aint tryna fuck wit Mobb Deep on a personal level #NuffSaid!

  6. hahaha jay the greatest? he walked up and backed down, 30 guys or not, and how can you judge someone for dressing up when they were 8 years old? p lived the shit, stop dick riding.

  7. Mobb deep rules over jayz bitchass anyday! He showed photos of prodigy as a kid. So he was like 5 he wasn’t gangsta then. Prodigy from 1994-2001 was the rapper alive and ik he fell off but he coming back. Mobb Deep over jayz any day. They weren’t sellouts like jayz, they stayed true to themselves, so who cares if jayz sold more or not! Mobb Deep would tear through Jayz ugly looking ass any day and anybody that says vice versa is a

  8. THIS IS STR8 dickriding… if you follow hip hop objectively you should know that jay z talked shit about the west coast fued only when biggie and pac were murdered. He was nowhere around when mobb deep and tha dogg pound were beefin and death row and bad boy. Jay is nothing compared to mobb deep…

  9. what kind of pussy wrote this article lmao what a cocksucker

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